Rounding Out!

Hello all! I am so excited to announce that in one month I will be finishing up classwork at Columbia University and moving into pre-production of my thesis! But before I can announce that exciting venture I have to let folks know what's coming up in the next month or so!


The Sounds of My People

April 24th-27th at Columbia University's Schapiro Studio Theatre

program cover layout.jpg

How much of identity is repetition or proclamation? 
In order to move forward, do we relinquish or reclaim the past?
As the number of suicides in the LGBT youths grows, a closeted Chinese accountant in Montreal, Mac, tries to find her place in the thriving culture of pride that surrounds her. She connects with her late aunt's diary, written 40 years ago when cultures began reconstructing themselves from the outfall of war and both the Chinese and Jewish populations began disappearing and reappearing in textbooks. This play engages with miscommunication, misconceptions, misrepresentation and community, through rhythm, music, and beat poetry. 


For more information: Sounds of My People Event

Arrogance or cult figures and the assholes they look up to (a unimedium event)

May 9th or 10th, Time and Location #TBA, Reservations Required for further information

How does one look back and forward and still maintain a sense of presence in the world? How do violent acts both sever and create? Is it possible that we are enough, just some of us will always be more than others? Can I build a dollhouse AND drink a martini?

This event, along with its time and location, are currently in the #TBA phase. They will probably remain in that phase for some time and I imagine the only real way to find out more is to reserve a ticket. 

Ticket Requests: Arrogance Tickets


Other upcoming events:

A reading of David Kimple's new play, Mare in the Men's Room, will take place April 21st at 6:30pm at Classic Stage Company. More information to come!

Also coming up, in May, is a soon to be announced show with a dear friend of mine at The Triad on 72nd Street! Mums the word right now but look for more information soon!