Mare in the Men's Room

Mare in the Men’s Room

a new play by David L. Kimple

directed by Christopher Murrah

Goldfish Memory Productions


Reading: Monday, April 21st @ 6:30pm

136 E. 13th St. (home of Classic Stage Company)

New York, New York

featuring the talents of Justin Bowen (Chaplin - Broadway, On Your Toes - Encores!), Elizabeth Burton (Elf - Nat’l Tour) Sarah Claire Smith and Nick Scalzo.

"When her marriage starts to crumble, Brig returns to NYC to help her best friends open a glitzy new queer club in the East Village. As the trio prepares for the opening night, Brig becomes inspired by the world of drag around her and decides to try it herself. When her first performance as a drag king is a whirlwind success, suddenly the life she knew no longer exists.”