Spring 2014

Coming up in 2014:

March 28th- Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservations presents its Alumni Forum: Fixers. This year's symposium will feature my friend and collaborator Mary Ellen Carroll.

Peter Pan or the Boy Who Hated Mothers

Peter Pan or the Boy Who Hated Mothers

April 24-27th-The Sounds of My People, a new play by Tabia Lau, will be presented at the Schapiro Studio Theatre. Stay tuned for more information.

May 8-10th- Arrogance or cult figures and the assholes they look up to (A Uni-Medium Event) at a location TBA at times TBA. The whole thing really feels quite TBA if you ask me, but it's certain to be the "you-must-see-but-didn't-see" event of the 2014/15 Season (yes, that season as Tony Eligibility will have been cut off for this year).