Acting Manitou - Unparalleled Summer Program for campers who are interested in theatre but might not want to be a diva! Focussed on ensemble and community it provides a balance of training and perspective for campers aged 11-17.

Christopher Metzger - Demiurgic Designer

Kate McGee - Revitalizing Designer

John Wilder - Indominable Lighting Designer

Matthew Minnicino - Sagacious Playwright

The Kuperman Brothers- Absolutely Fearless Creators

Jane Kivnick- Effulgent Actor

Tabia Lau - Intransigent Playwright

Daaimah Mubashshir - Passionate Playwright

Jen Schriever - Luminous Lighting Designer

Sara Hinkley - Fierce Costume Designer

Dina Perez - Unrelenting and Patient Costume Designer

John McGrew - Kick Ass Musician

Matthew Dunnivan- Photographer. (If it's of me, he took it.)

Natalie Gershtein of Beautiful Theatre City- Keeping me in Line!

The Dad Shop - Want it built? They can do it!

Peter Pan or The Boy Who Hated Mothers

Peter Pan or The Boy Who Hated Mothers