Christopher working with members of The Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg, RU

Christopher working with members of The Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg, RU

I have found that the role of an actor has become unnecessarily reactionary. The call for an audition comes in, sometimes with less than 24 hours notice, and the actor rearranges their schedule, downloads the material, quickly memorizes and too often heads into the audition with the feeling of "let's give it a go." What if there was a way to eliminate the panic, anxiety and powerless feelings associated with the quick pace of our industry?

Just as we train in gyms to ensure our bodies are up to the task of life, and similarly we rehearse productions to ensure our safety and well being as well as maximum ease in performance, I believe it is beneficial to continue to practice in the art of acting. The following options offer the opportunity for you to build up the strength and dexterity as an artist to avoid the pitfalls mentioned above. 


Individual Coaching

Whether it is callback preparation or building up your music and monologue rep, individual work can lead to a confident and unique presence in any audition. By eliminating the guess work through preparation, you allow your focus in the room to be on being present with the team behind the table. Individual coaching is also ideal for the actor new to New York or the business who wishes to work on developing their approach to success by demystifying the audition process, working with an agent and balancing life in the city with their artistic/creative life.

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Group Classes

Both masterclasses with industry professionals as well as scene study and repertoire classes are a great way to go a step closer towards the audition and rehearsal room atmosphere. These classes offer the opportunity to harness the power of community in your peers, learning from one another and sharing experiences in a positive and creative environment. These guided classes are a great way to combat the tensions that so often arise from the audition tedium as well as to learn from some of the industry's professionals from the other side of the table.

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